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./configure help
« on: December 01, 2004, 10:49:30 pm »
Hi, im trying to install 2 ultimate dirs, i have 2 ips available but i have only one user, i was wondering how i set the second one to pickup a custom directory because its going back to the original dir that was first installed

Dynconf Loaded /home/usernamehere/UltimateIRCd/etc/ircd.ini

i for example need it to load Dynconf Loaded /home/usernamehere/dir/UltimateIRCd/etc/ircd.ini

and i need all files to do the same, could someone please help me with this, ive already tr:badword: ./configure --srcdir=/home/ruser/quix/Ultimate3.0.0.b3 --prefix=/home/user/quix/UltimateIRCd and neither work, well dont work enough to start the ircd :P