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Title: Considering a link
Post by: wingman on April 25, 2006, 10:30:49 pm
I used to be linked to a friend in Canada but he lost his isp, for whatever reasons.  We had a nice network with bots and all.  I'm located in Illinois [dns me and it will show you that anyway : ) ]

Since then i have setup my own network using Fedora5 w/ Ultimate 3.0.1     Getting back users is not easy, bots never, for i lost the program for it.  Been considering a link w/ someone using 3.0.1 and go from there.

I have been using linux w/ Ultimate for about 3 years now, upgrading when new upgrades come out.  I'm familiar with most oper/chan serv commands, sometimes i have to refer to notes, who doesn't.  I have been working with computers for over 15 years and with irc for 10.  I currently have 3 boxes running here and getting ready to install a 4th [using it for experiments in os and programs].

My isp usually runs at 3.5mb/384Kbs on a cable base setup.  Don't seem to have a prob w/ bandwidth.  It's a sticky ip, almost like a static ip.  I have 3 domain names and 2 hosting sites.  IRC network site is http://www.white-irc.com and the network itself is whitewolf-irc.net with anope 1.7.10 for services.

I would prefer to link w/ ver 3.0.1 it being a nice stable program, for me anyway.  I can be emailed at [email protected], [email protected] or [email protected] [my computer repair/service in my home], all 3 are auto directed to my main box.

Or just respond here as always.


Title: Re: Considering a link
Post by: erich on May 24, 2006, 03:52:01 pm

I wonder why nobody replied so I thought I should do it  ;)
You sound like a nice guy to link up to a network. I'm founder of irc.After-All.org, but the network is too large for your connection to handle. 384kb/s upstream isn't much. The upstream is afterall the important of the two. But I'm still surprised that some of the smaller networks didn't reply on this thread. Wondering....
ShadowMaster should launch the next release, then we'll have some more activity in here  ;D
With IPv6 support  :o
Title: Re: Considering a link
Post by: wingman on May 25, 2006, 08:09:22 pm
tks for the reply erich........   I assume most people who already have servers either have enough links or prefer not to.
In all fairness, i've spent time setting up mine w/ services, neostats etc., it would be hard to link and lose some of that.

Just i'll have to find someone w/ a extra puter and walk them thru setting up Linux and ircd to link w/ then.

tks again   :)
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