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WHICH NICKSERV support MySQL and UltimateIRCD?

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WHICH NICKSERV support MySQL and UltimateIRCD?
So IRC chatters can share the same password as forum users (in MySQL).

Thanx in advance.

To my knowledge no public IRC Services as of yet support MySQL.
This is a promised feature in IRC Services 5.1 and Epona 2.x, but both are a bit off afaik.

Moving out of 2.8 support.

Thank u very much.
So I just sit and wait:)

You could try the services from
their services seem to support MySQL.

I'm having the same problems. I'm one of the developers of phpBB2 (the software you're looking at now) and I'm trying to find a way to integrate my forum database with some kind of IRC server/services. Problem is that my IRC admin skills are, eeh, not there :D

BTW, kind of offtopic.. Does UnrealIRCd support usernames longer than 8 chars? Thanks :D

If it was anyone but you asking that Bart.. well apart from perhaps theFinn or psoTFX.. id spank you with a long hard wooden stick.

Mention of UnrealIRCd is likely to get you spanked by more than a few around here, but to answer your question. UnrealIRCd (based of EliteIRCd which in turn is based of DreamForge which was the old DALnet ircd) has a nick limit of 30 or 32 characters. Same as most IRCd's.

In theory all IRCd's support potentially endless nickname lenghts, but the unofficial support (as this is not written in any official RFC) is a max of 32. Going beyond that will break clients, 3rd party apps, and countless other things.
The reason you see less than 32 char limits on some servers is because of two things.
1) IRC Networks have different policies. Some stick to 9, others to 12, 15 and so on and so forth
2) IRC Networks normally maintain their own IRCd.. and their default compile time settings are based on #1



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