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Forum posting guidelines[/b]
v1.0 (October 22, 2002)
[*]Ensure that your new topics are in the correct forum.
[*]UltimateIRCd[*]Requests for help and support with UltimateIRCd 3.0 belong in the 3.0 branch support forum.
[*]Requests for help and support with UltimateIRCd 2.8 belong in the 2.8 branch support forum.
[*]Bug reports belong in the bug tracker.
[*]Feature requests belong in the comments and suggestions forum.
[*]ANY other requests belong in the general discussion forum.[/list]Services[*]ShadowRealm Creations do in generally NOT support any services on these forums. If you want to ask purely services related questions, do so in the services support forum.[/list][/list]
[*]Do not post topics or replies containing:[*]Subjects which have already been discussed numerous times (please Search first, as these topics are locked on sight).
[*]Flames directed towards other users (locked on sight, possibly with a temporary ban).
[*]Anything not relating to the original subject of the topic (although General Discussion is rather flexible).
[*]Images linked from other sites without their permission (simply giving a URL is much more polite).
[*]Any degratory comments based on age, gender, race, ethnicity or nationality (which will be met with a swift ban).[/list]
[*]Do not promote your own site or network, unless:
[*]It's to help somebody find something they're looking for.
[*]It's to help give a better understanding of the problem you are having (Especially if your problem cannot be reproduced by anyone else).[/list]
[*]Do not post spam.[*]pam includes advertisments, content deemed inappropriate or illegal, and flooding of the boards.
[*]Spammers will receive a swift kick in the ass, as well as a lengthy ban.[/list]
[*]Do not make needless, incessant usage of smileys
[*]Line breaks or ALL-CAPS.
[*]Nested quotes.
[*]Giant fonts with ugly colors.
[*]Swearing or derogatory terms.[/list]
[*]Do not make unrequested personal contact with ShadowRealm Creations Team Members.[*]Support may not be requested via instant messaging, private messaging or e-mail.
[*]Your private messaging capability may be disabled if abused.
[*]A central list of IM, PM and e-mail abusers is kept, so repeat offenders will be banned.[/list]
[*]Ensure that your signature:[*]Remains a reasonable size.
[*]Does not contain excessively large images or annoying animations.
[*]Follows all the rules applying to posts themselves.[/list]
[*]Ensure that your avatar:[*]Is not more than 90 pixels in width, or 90 pixels in height.
[*]Does not exceed 6kb in size.
[*]Does not contain annoying animations.[/list][/list]
Last but not least... enjoy your stay :)

These rules are based heavily on the rules of and used with permission as granted on their rules page.


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