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Title: RC1 important notice
Post by: ShadowMaster on January 26, 2005, 03:27:27 am
Today an issue in RC1 was reported and quickly identified. The symphtom of the issue is that users will not be set +r by services properly after a nickname change, and in some cases not set +r at all on their "home" server.

A patch has been deplo:badword: on a live network for final testing and a release of RC2 is scheduled for tomorrow unless any issues with the patch crops up.
Title: RC1 important notice
Post by: ShadowMaster on January 29, 2005, 02:23:13 pm
Well, i should probably take the blame for having mentioned the "unless any issues" and thus jinxed it :P

The very same day as i posted that, SourceForge decided to throw a major fit and is refusing to synch the developer CVS with the public CVS, not to mention that the nightly tarballs generated by sourceforge have not been updated either.

SourceForge still seem to be insisting that the fact that developer CVS and public CVS isnt synching is a client problem (go figure)

In light of how SourceForge have been treating the issue, the general slowness of SourceForge CVS and their outages we decided to move the repository away from SourceForge and over to a Subversion server.

For those that are impatient, RC2 which has not yet been packaged, can be checked out using:
svn co http://svn.shadow-realm.org/svn/Ultimate3/trunk Ultimate3

The revision you should recieve is 860 which is what will be packaged as RC2 later today or tomorrow at latest.
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