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The joys of moving (Update: 14th of April)
« on: April 02, 2003, 11:06:09 pm »
From the 23rd of March (today) and at least until the 25th at earliest (if im lucky) i will be offline and unable to access mail or web.

This means support requests will go unanswered by me over the coming days and i will not be able to respond to any mails regarding security issues or any other issues in general.

Should something urgent come up during this time, please contact Againaway at Shadow-Realm dot org


The following is the saga of how immensely difficult a simple, 10 minute job can become, and how 3 companies manage to f**k up because of it.

For reference:
ISP: NextGenTel ( )
TelCo: Telenor ( )
TelCo's sub contractor in this case: Tel-Nett ( )

Update 27th of March:

Well, its now two days after i should have been up and running again.
As most have gathered... im not.
Everything that could go wrong connectionwise with the move.. did.

So this is what we have so far.

Thuesday morning the Tel-Nett guy showed up at 10am to install the ADSL outlet at the new place.
Prior to coming here he had of course been to the central where he had disconnected the line to my old place and rigged it for connection to my new place.
This means the DNS, Mail and secondary webservers amongst other things went down around 9-10 am on the 25th.

Walk in the park we thought.. until we couldnt find the signal from the line coming into the house.
After 1 hour of error searching by elimination we discovered the problem.
Turns out that from the local exchange box and to our new house.. theres a 4 pair cable.. at our house.. the cable was at some point cut in two
(when they put in a phone line to the downstairs appartment long ago), and they took 1 pair and connected to the 5 pair cable going downstairs,
and 1 pair and connected to the 5 pair cable going upstairs.. leaving 2 pairs sitting unused on the wall outside.
They then took isolation tape.. and wrapped the entire mess up in one big ball on the wall.
Theres where the problems started for real.

While the TelNett guy had the capability and equipment to fix it.. he could not do so without getting an order to fix it from either the Telco which owns the line or the ISP ordering (leasing) the line.
So without further to do.. he left (of course without putting in anything at all, so when they DO fix the cable mess.. i have to wait even longer because they need to send out a new guy to install the actual ADSL outlet).

Now.. i called the ISP.. which in turn sent an error order to the Telco with priority, promising that it would be fixed the next day (yesterday).

On the 26th i called the Telco around noon only to find out that they had disregarded the error report based on the initial report from the TelNett which they had apparently misread.. so they had simply sent it back to the ISP with a cant deliver line notice which is false as we know there are 2 line pairs free to the house.

The ISP then told me they would fix this internally as the TelCo was being :badword:s.

Today (27th) i called the ISP asking for a status on the internal case.
No comments on that, but the tech i spoke to called the TelCo and ordered them to send out someone this time to actually look at the problem themselves as it was obviously fixable after having talked to the original TelNett guy who was here to do the work initially.

So now im waiting for the TelCo to call and make an appointment for coming to fix the line into the house, which wont happen today for sure as they are going to close shortly.. and i can only pray it gets done tomorrow (28th).

And its unsure if the guy they send out to fix the line problem is able to also install the ADSL outlet.. so even if they DO fix the line problem tomorrow.. i mite not be able to get the servers back online until sometime next week.

*sigh* We will see what happens from here.

Update 31st of March:

Soo... as you probably gather.. im still not back online after nearly a full week.
On the 29th i called the TelCo to find out what was taking so long while i also reported a new line error. Turns out the TelNett guy somehow had damaged the ISDN box leaving the downstairs appartment without a phone since wednesday *sigh*. He couldnt find any record of any case on my line regarding a previous error apart from the very first one that was reported. So i found myself standing back on square one where i was on the 25th.

Calling the ISP the guy i spoke with was less than helpfull, and quite frankly it sounded like he had been to an hellish party the nite before, less then enthusiastic about having to recive calles....
Basically i got the impression he couldnt care less about my problems and wasnt interested in even leaving a mail for the person who had initially handled my case.
He said he would call the TelCo and inquire, then contact me... which he of course never did.

Today (31st) i called the ISP again and got a hold of a person that did give a damn.
I made it quite clear that my frustration was now starting to become rage and irritation of having a problem which can be solved in 15 minutes take ages, with no apparent progress as the entire case seems to be stuck between the ISP and TelCo.
He then contacted the TelCo to find out wtf was going on.
Turns out the internal case had not died afterall, and the ISP now had an order out to the TelCo to find out how much it would cost to fix the line.

I feel like working against the current here, its gone from we'll send out a guy asap.. if not today then tomorrow.. to we are currently checking how much this is going to cost us before we can say anything for sure.

In my book that translates to TelCo will send someone over to look at the problem to determine how much it will cost. TelCo will contact you for an apropriate time for this to take place. TelCo will then send the price estimate back to the ISP, which then has to decide that its worth the cost to keep me as a customer i gather, and only then.. and only if.. an order for someone to come fix the line will go out. And unless the same person can install the ADSL outlet... wait longer

At this point im so fed up with everything i just want it all to go away.
Starting to seriously contemplate selling the servers, workstations and all other equipment and buy myself a new car instead.

Update 8th of April:

Called the ISP again yesterday to find out what was stalling since i had not heard from ISP nor TelCo. Seems they finally got word back from the TelCo and a new tech would be sent out tomorrow (9th) to fix the mess once and for all.
Normal procedure is for the sub contractor to contact me the day before coming to make an appointment.. needless to say i have not had any calls today, so im really looking forward to see if someone shows up tomorrow, else im seriously gonna chew someones head off when i call the ISP.

On a side note, primary DNS have been moved to a new location. There will be at least an additional 48 hours before the updates are propogated to all parts of the internet and until then you may still have problems accessing some sites located under the domain and sending mail.

Update 9th of April:

No real big shocker to tell you im still not back online is there? :(

Around noon i called the ISP which in turn called the sub contractor to investigate why i had not heard anything regarding a more exact time of appointment. ISP was told that the sub contractor would contact me before they arrived.

At 3pm, one hour before normal working day ends i called the sub contractor directly to find out what was going on. Sub contractor had to check details and would call me back. 20 minutes later i was called up and informed that the order was unable to be completed because of the lack of a free line pair into my house. I nearly blew a fuse and explained that the order they had in hand was supposed to be exactly for fixing the line pair issue. She then went on to call the TelCo to find out details and would call me back again.

Another 20 or 30 minutes later she explained to me that the TelCo had not recieved a grant of permission from the ISP to open the bad/faulty mess outside on my wall, thus they put all blame on the ISP.

Calling the ISP i was told that this was BS as a grant of permission had been given. In fact the order given by the ISP was explicitly to fix the line pair problem. As the person i spoke to was unable to do anything he sent details over to the person who had sent out the order and would call me back once he got an reply. He expected to have a reply sometime tomorrow.

So there we are... back to square one yet again, and im now even more confident in my stance to never ever use either Telenor or Tel-Nett for anything myself ever.

Update 14th of April:

Well, its now been 3 weeks and im still no closer to getting my DSL back up. Cant say im really shocked the way things have been playing out as of late.

So, on the 10th i still had heard nothing back from ISP, called several times, a total of 4 or 5 notices sent to the person handeling the case, but he was unavailible all day due to being in meeting.

On the 11th i finally got to speak with the person who was checking up with the internal delivery department to see what was up.

When he called me back i was told.. Im sorry, but we cant deliver dedicated DSL access to you in which my reply was BS. They know they are able to deliver dedicated DSL access to me very well, and they know there are 2 free linepairs to my house, all thats needed is to open one exchange point and mate two cables and its all set. Basically i had to go trough the whole 3 week story with him from base 1 and also making a point of that they KNEW this almost 3 weeks ago as they where told on the 25th of March about the exchange point and what needed to be done. I also told him that if it was so unearthly impossible to get someone to open this exchange point and mate the two cables i could do it myself, in 10 minutes (and i am perfectly capable of doing so)

He told me he would check with delivery again and call me back.

Later that day when i still had not heard anything i called back again and got a hold of a guy named Erlend. I had to go trough the whole thing yet again with him and he could fully understand my frustration. He checked up a bit on what was going on and called me back a bit later. I was then informed that the person i spoke with earlier was still awaiting some people to call him back on various issues, but he said i would get dedicated DSL access, and that an order to fix the exchange mess outside had gone out.

So all i could do was wait.

Today (the 14th) i called again and was lucky enough to get in contact with Erlend yet again. (They have no direct numbers and the queue time on each call is between 15-45 minutes with an average of 30)

He saw no updates on the case but checked with the delivery department while putting me on hold. Of course he had great trouble reaching the right people and said he would call me back shortly.

When he called me back i was informed that he was having great problems reaching the right people, as many have already started easter vacations. He couldnt understand for the life of him what was taking so long with this case and what the big difficulties was, something i more than agreed with him on.

He was going to keep trying to get some answers troughout the day, and he did hope to get me hooked up before easter, although i have little or no hope of this happening.

In the meantime im spending a fortune on Dialup (which is damn expensive here in norway)

So theres where were at now... looking at not getting DSL back up anytime soon unless a miracle happens.
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The joys of moving (Update: 14th of April)
« Reply #1 on: April 14, 2003, 06:14:01 pm »
Bump on the 14th
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