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UltimateIRCd 2.8.5 released
« on: February 09, 2003, 04:31:51 pm »
UltimateIRCd 2.8.5 was released today and fixes several issues found in 2.8.4. Most notably it resolves the channel related /WHOIS problems and several /DEL* command issues.
Upgrading to this version is highly recomended if running the 2.8.x branch.

23db81323dcd99dd8de785f4146e2edd Ultimate2.8.5.tar.bz2
1b97d14767fd4cf38fdaf51a2e399959 Ultimate2.8.5.tar.gz

Download it here.


(SM) - ShadowMaster ([email protected])
(AA) - Againaway ([email protected])
(AC) - Acidic32 ([email protected])

Q line format have been altered to fix issues some people have experienced.
The :: at the end are now REQUIRED in order to ensure QLines are properly read.
(SM) Fix a bug preventing channels from showing in /WHOIS.
Reported by Martz @ SRC Forum.
(SM) Backported match () from 3.0.0.a30.
(SM) Fixed bugs causing /DELQLINE, /DELULINE and /DELHUB to crash the server.
Reported by HERZ @ SRC Forum.
(SM) makeconf now creates correctly formatted U, H and Q lines.
(SM) Stop remote servers from complaining on a /REMGLINE.
The GLINE system is partly broken and DISCOURAGED.
(SM) You can now place a QLine mask which matches your own nick.
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