Author Topic: UltimateIRCd 3.0.0 alpha29 released  (Read 2896 times)

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UltimateIRCd 3.0.0 alpha29 released
« on: January 26, 2003, 02:21:26 pm »
UltimateIRCd 3.0.0 alpha29 have been released and is primarily a maintainance release to provide smooth transition to the upcoming beta.

This upgrade is mandatory for smooth transition to upcoming beta versions.
While we always try to maintain backwards compactibilty in releases, we do not do so for alpha and beta versions due to the amount of often kludgy code required.
We ensure that the alpha and beta versions will work as good as possible with the previous development version, but there will be problems with older releases. These problems can range from simple desynchs to instant crashes of older versions. The underlying reason for this is the extensive protocol changes being undertaken in most developmental versions.

56eb4b1fbc8449d642a88dcc3e52dedd Ultimate3.0.0.a29.tar.bz2
b03e3c0e23c7891650f451f4c2830355 Ultimate3.0.0.a29.tar.gz

Download it here.


(SM) - ShadowMaster (ShadowMaster at Shadow-Realm dot org)
(AA) - Againaway (Againaway at Shadow-Realm dot org)
(BP) - Bahamut team Patches to bahamut

alpha29 (Last one hopefully.. again)
  • (SM) Fixed default YLines in ircd.conf.dist.

Reported by JH @
  • (SM) Non opers are no longer able to set W

Reported by Quinn @ SRC Forums
  • (SM) Removed debug notices for SMODE left in by accident.

Reported by JH @
  • (BP) Fix a few things to make synching over localhost instantaneous

instead of really damn slow.
  • (SM) Fixed ircncmp.
  • (SM) Updated oline flags in example.conf.

Reported by thepitster @
  • (SM) Added ERR_SERVERONLY numeric 480 to return errors on commands

clients do not have access to use.
  • (SM) Fixed several bugs related to SMODE propogation.

Reported by several.
  • (SM) Fixed several issues in /MODE pertaining to usermodes.

Non opers where able to set themselves h, F, k, g
under some circumstances.
Reported by JH.
  • (SM) DRONE protection now have the warnings disabled by default

using a define in config.h.
When defined it will only send warnings to local opers.
Network wide warnings are still sent when the actual protection is triggered.
  • (SM) /LUSERS will no longer count ULined clients at all towards network max or online operators.
  • (BP) Fixed a bug causing linking servers to remove the key from channels.
  • (SM) Fixed typo in WHOIS for technical administrators.

Reported by ErroR|51 @
  • (SM) Updated the 005 numeric to conform to the RPL_ISUPPORT draft by E. Brocklesby.

Draft included in the doc/ dir.
Code borrowed from hybrid-7.
  • (SM) Prepared /TOPIC for recording the [email protected] of a user instead of only nickname.

This will not be active until next release.
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