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UltimateIRCd 3.0.0 beta1 released
« on: April 30, 2004, 07:10:13 pm »
Version 3.0.0 beta1 have been staged to sourceforge and is availible for download.
This is a major release towards 3.0.0 final adressing several important issues and adding several improvements. The road from beta to final is planned to be short with only two or three releases to follow before final.

5aa98bf50492b72909cc07f35a96a1ea  Ultimate3.0.0.b1.tar.bz2
726f1d332a057753b9a5f45494d08baf  Ultimate3.0.0.b1.tar.gz


(SM) - ShadowMaster (ShadowMaster at Shadow-Realm dot org)
(AA) - Againaway (Againaway at Shadow-Realm dot org)
(JH) - Fish (Fish at Shadow-Realm dot org)
(BP) - Bahamut team Patches to bahamut
(QN) - Quinn (Quinn at ShadowRealm Forums)

 (SM) Added for the UltimateIRCd test network.
 (SM) Added IPv6 patches from the IRC-Chat IPv6 effort.
 (SM) Fixed potential desynch issue in the SJOIN code.
      This could be related to the issue reported by
      Neo @ SRC IRC.
 (BP) Fix "ghost channels", an annoying form of desynchs.
 (SM) OpenSSL is now correctly detected and used on systems
      with custom OpenSSL paths.
 (SM) IPv6 support is now enabled using --enable-ipv6 for configure.
 (SM) Removed TS3 support. It shouldnt be used anymore in any case.
 (SM) Removed SSJ3 and SSJ4 support. It shouldnt be used anymore.
      This WILL cause problems if you try to run on a network with
      older versions than at least a26, preferably you should never mix
      with anything older than the last released development release.
 (SM) Oper up notices now report the correct OLine flags.
      Reported by several.
 (SM) Fixed send_lusers whining about invisible user count being off.
      Reported by several.
      Tested and patched by K. Hawkes (k dot hawkes at zombies dot force9 dot net)
 (SM) Now give off warnings when a bogus akill is recieved to alert online staff
      that their AKILL system is sending out bad AKILL's.
 (BP) Rewrite of the main IO loop.
 (BP) New socket engine with support for select, poll and kqueue.
 (BP) Fix bug preventing KLines/AKills on* IP masks.
 (SM) Reworked the compile/install process. The IRCd will by default be installed in
      ~/UltimateIRCd when you issue make install. Please note, if you do not use
      make install you will now have to install the IRCd manually according to the
      paths given to configure.
 (AA) You should now be able to link an IPv6 enabled server to an Non IPv6 enabled server.
 (AA) SETHOST's issued by opers are now announced network wide.
 (SM) Fixed a possible desynch with +nt modes on channels.
 (SM) Corrected permission checking for +O and +A channel modes.
      Reported by K. Hawkes (k dot hawkes at zombies dot force9 dot net)
 (SM) Main services aliases now /CS, /NS, /MS, /BS etc. Long aliases keept for
 (SM) Max clients are now set using the --with-maxclients= parameter for configure.
 (BP) Do not send server already exsist notices to operators for servers that
      appear to be juped.
 (AA) Added /hs and /hostserv aliases as well as the facility to set an hostserv name.
 (SM) Ported SVSJOIN from 2.8.x.
 (JH) Fixed an issue when compiling with SSL on RedHat 9.
 (SM) Added Chinese Nickname support. Code provided by laowang @ SRC Forums.
      As i have no way to test this its entirely unsupported and i only have
      laowang's word that it functions.
 (AA) IPv4 servers are now able to handle IPv6.
 (AA) Its not longer possible to change the same mode multiple times for the same target.
      (within the same mode change) Except for (Ulined) Servers.
 (AA) Added /stats x support. Stats x will show all missing links where the server
      has C/N lines to.
 (AA) Akills are now working again. (for ipv6)
 (AA) IPv6 is ready for public use. Its tested but keep your eyes open for bugs.
      For the services coders out there:
      To support Ultimate3 with IPv6 you should support Client. If you announce
      your services to be IPv6 Capable they will get the IP's plain. Which
      should be easy to handle. If you have any questions throw an email at me.
 (JH) Cleaned up the include file hell so that Ultimate can compile with
      -Wall. There are still a few outstanding warnings that need to be
      looked into with -pedantic though
 (SM) Fixed channel QLines.
      Reported by Mortalica & Fizzwizz @ SRC Forum.
 (QN) Added 'set_oper_access' sub-routine to deal with oper access flags,
      setting of hostmasks and such, all stuff that used to be in m_oper.
 (QN) Added 'make_opervirthost_acc' to accompany above routine.
 (QN) Patched opermotd bug that showed a non-existant date if no oper-motd had ever been created.
 (QN) Patched same bug as above, but with 'motd' too.
 (SM) Added /CHANFIX to allow Administrators to resynch the timestamp on channels
      who for one reason or another have had their timestamp set to an invalid value.
      /CHANFIX <channelname>
 (SM) Added usermode +d (deaf client) to which allows bots to be deaf to channel traffic.
 (SM) Added NMODE (Notice Mode) to replace several old user modes.
      See /IRCDHELP NMODES and /IRCDHELP NMODE for details.
 (SM) Ported usermode +R from bahamut-release to disallow non registered users to send private messages.
 (SM) Ported channelmode +M from bahamut-release to disallow non registered users to send messages to channel.
 (SM) Added missing error check for port in MLine.
 (QN) Fixed opermotd, rules, motd, shortmotd and help corruption issues.
 (SM) Added channelmode +q to allow channels to supress QUIT and PART messages.
      This has the side effect of causing the client to always part a channel when issuing QUIT, but it does
      disallow spam in PART and QUIT
 (AA) Opers who go /away dont lose +h. But they are not shown as "available for help"
      as long as they stay away. (fix for +h not getting set after unaway)
 (AA) Added additional error checking to the m_del* commands.
      This hopefully fixes the the config file corruption if the ircd is out
      of disksapce.
 (SM) Fixed Guest admins to propogate properly again. (#0000014)
 (SM) Some cleanups for glibc 2.3 systems.
 (SM) Some fixes for x86_64 systems.
 (SM) Moved drone checks to after all ban checks are complete to avoid notice flooding in some instances.
      Reported by Dodger @
 (AA) Fixed an abort() on /stats w
 (AA) Fixed the P:lines for IPV6 (they still worked for ipv4) (#0000006)
 (BP) Bugfix for kqueue engine.
 (SM) OpenSSL now defaults to off.
 (SM) Non Channel Staff who try to view the banlist will now recieve an empty banlist instead of an error message
      as most clients automatically try to fetch the banlist upon joining a channel.
 (SM) Fixed crash introduced by some of the cleanups carried out a while ago by Fish (#0000020)
 (SM) Fixed an issue with ircsprintf family under x86_64. Many thanx to David Ranger for helping
      me track this problem down and for providing a fix for it.
 (SM) Ported SVSPART from 2.8 branch.
 (SM) Added USERIP, an IP only version of USERHOST except for users with hiddenhosts.
 (SM) Disabled channelmode +q for b1 due to some lingering issues.
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