Author Topic: UltimateIRCd 3.0.0 beta3 released  (Read 4065 times)

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UltimateIRCd 3.0.0 beta3 released
« on: May 17, 2004, 02:28:32 pm »
Beta3 have been staged to sourceforge and addresses a few bugs introduced in beta1 aswell as openbsd compile issues.

85e258da036098950426bf812df80269  Ultimate3.0.0.b3.tar.bz2
81ae58ebaf95668274854f1ab38d286e  Ultimate3.0.0.b3.tar.gz



(SM) - ShadowMaster (ShadowMaster at Shadow-Realm dot org)
(AA) - Againaway (Againaway at Shadow-Realm dot org)
(JH) - Fish (Fish at Shadow-Realm dot org)
(BP) - Bahamut team Patches to bahamut
(QN) - Quinn (Quinn at ShadowRealm Forums)

 (SM) Fixed a bug on +M channels where +r was removed before the error checks on if
      a nickname could be changed, causing the nickchange to fail and leaving the client
      set -r. (#0000025)
 (SM) Fixed a bug preventing Local Operators from altering their NMODES.
      Reported by DaPrivateer @
 (SM) Fixed several Oper checks which should have checked for IsAnOper instead of IsOper.
 (SM) Backwards compactibility for non NICKIP removed.
 (SM) Removed all the old code mess from m_oper.
 (SM) Opers are set with usermode +W again upon oper up.
 (SM) Opers are now NOT set with NMODE +R upon oper up.
 (SM) Moved NMODE to its own RPL_ numeric, 220 and
      changes will now be sent to the client by NMODE, not MODE + (+nmodes).
      This to address an issue with some clients being confused by the second
      string of modes.
      Reported and patched by DaPrivateer @
 (SM) Really fix Channelmode +A and +O permissions. (#0000026)
 (SM) Allow ULined servers to set channelmode +S.
      Reported by DaPrivateer @
 (SM) UltimateIRCd will now compile on OpenBSD 3.5 cleanly.
      Many thanx to Quension for his Bahamut OpenBSD fixes and
      ScottyDogg for providing me with a testbed.
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