Author Topic: UltimateIRCd 3.0.0.rc3 released  (Read 4767 times)

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UltimateIRCd 3.0.0.rc3 released
« on: January 31, 2005, 12:38:08 am »
This release fixes an issue introduced in rc2 aswell as closing two outstanding bugs.

a2bbd3628f81fc061ef14acedf97463a  Ultimate3.0.0.rc3.tar.bz2
93ff9c483d0a8462ae6be1f768416b40  Ultimate3.0.0.rc3.tar.gz


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 (SM) Fixed major issue causing thrashing of the user hashtables
      due to missing return call introduced in rc2.
 (SM) SSL clients that are FLined and joining when server is full will now correctly
      be able to connect. (#0000037)
 (SM) Non SSL clients can no longer be invited into +S channels and
      thus make them insecure. (#0000024)
 (PH) More fixes to /IRCDHELP from Christian :badword:er.
 (PH) Fixed server output on /REHASH CHANNELS.
      Reported by Christian :badword:er.
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