Author Topic: UltimateIRCd 3.0.0 status update  (Read 4140 times)

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UltimateIRCd 3.0.0 status update
« on: June 16, 2004, 12:51:39 am »
Greetings all.

Just a quick status update.

Since beta1 was released i have recieved a lot of positive feedback (aswell as one negative remark *waves to Marvh who hated the new directory structure*).
We ended up with 3 beta released instead of the planned 1 due to configuration issues with the first release, and then some bugs which took a little bit to surface for the third.

Beta3 have been used in large scale deployments for some weeks now (9000+ user network) and is functioning better than anti:badword:ted :)

Currently we have entered preparation stages for the first Release Candidate.
There is only one protocol feature that remains to be implemented, other than that we are in a state of complete feature freeze at the moment. Only bug fixes will be applied (including cosmetical stuff).

Unless anything major turns up during live testing of RC1, it will be the only release candidate and a final release should be expected 2-4 weeks after RC1 release :)

Anyways, just a small update to let everyone know where things stand :)
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