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Is there a way to make CGI:IRC tell the server what the user's real ip/hostname is so that the real ip/hostname can be sent across the network?  This would be good for services-based clone protection, and akills.

This page mentions patches, but doesn't mention Ultimate3.

I believe CGI:IRC offers the possibility to put the real IP in the real name (gecos) field. I don't think it's wise to make the client specify the real IP, because people could easely spoof their address that way.

Yes, however placing the IP in the fullname area doesn't help at all against abusive users.  Neither the IRCd nor Anope will akill users who have too many identical fullname fields.  Plus, existing akills will not affect the users, so CGI:IRC could then be used to evade akills.

The box that the webserver is on is a dedicated server, so I can run a custom IRCd on it, which only accepts connections from localhost.

The reason I'm even looking at CGI:IRC is because msntv2 subscribers can't get into IRC via java applets (no Java) and don't have hard drives, so they can't install mIRC.

Its quite possible that one of the patches can relatively easilly be adapted for Ultimate3. At present i dont have the time to even begin to look into this however :(

Hi, I realize this topic hasn't been posted in in a long time, but I have a question about the cgiirc's and this is the only place I can think of to ask.
I have msntv2 and am chatting in TalkCity with the cgiirc and I am having a hard time staying in the room. After a good hour, I get disconnected, get a message from msn saying my page is too big, and then I have to log off and log on again in order to return to chat. I don't know what is going on, so I'm hoping someone here can help.
I  joined this forum just so I could post! I really need some help...cuz I don't know a dang thing about irc's, how they work...or even how to maneuver around the room once I'm there. Anyone out there that can help me?


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