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I know this place is for people that run UltimateIRCd, and have maybe done that for years. Those are sure familiar with most of it, but I wonder. It seems to me that this whole forum only are for people that have a long time experiense with using of UIRCd. What about us that are pretty new with this system, and who try to learn in the best possible way :?: It isn't always enough to be told read this and read that, it is actually more than that, and I wish the supporters of this forum could try to understand that.


We simply say that people should read the manual because there they can probably find the best answer to their question. Also, if we allow any questions without proposing they read the manual or search the boards first we get a forum filled with questions to which people can find the answer themselves easely or have been asked before, which all have to be answered.
Solving a problem by yourself also means you have learned something, you won't learn much if you get all the answers served on a plate by us.

For instance, this question you've asked:

You might not have known about /ircdhelp, but in this guide you can most definately find your answer. Shadow nearly pointed you in the direction of where you would be able to find your answer. This means you have learned about /ircdhelp, a place you could find an answer about alot of questions, and by using /ircdhelp you will know the modes you have asked about.
Now you have learned more than you would have if Shadow just told you what the modes are. And most importantly, you have learned to solve a problem by yourself.
Another example..
If there are critical problems with your ircd and you would have to post it here and wait for an answer before you could fix it, your people on your irc server could get anno:badword: by the long time it takes you to fix the problem and leave. If you are able to search for a solution by yourself you could fix this problem alot faster than waiting for an answer on these forums. While fixing this problem you could still use the forum's search option to look for people with similar problems and see if they have found a solution already.

We are by no means being deliberately rude or unresponsive to users that ask "newbie" questions. However we feel that we help people much more by merely giving them some pointers and letting them solve it by themselves. If the user still can't get an answer after trying that, they can always come back and reply to their thread to ask us to elaborate.

I hope this helps you understand the way we answer posts some more.

1. The /IRCDHELP command doesn't work with version 2.8.9 which I use.

2. An other thing if you look here I was asking about my shell configuration, and that it was not working with the commands who's set. And believe me, I have tried to understand the document here and here So, is it so much to ask for some help when I'm stuck :?:    

3. Hopefully I can get in touch with ShadowMaster that I know speak my language. Then I maybe can explain exactly what my problem is. So for you ShadowMaster, can you please contact me :?:


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