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pxnam pxnam.... come here!!

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hey.. what is your irc server name?? irc.?????

I dont have anyone server  :wink:
But i always in QuanCoc Network (
And why did you know my nickname's duynam?
You know me??

Ofcouse I know you..
Have been a long time Ago!!..
Remember nick Nho?

Oh my god.
Bro Nho  :o
Long time no see u
I miss u very much  :oops:   :lol:
You have a dedicated server for me? You forgot a promise with me?  :cry:
So, if u have a dedicated server, can u give me. hihi
Bro, if u have free time, please visit and see me. I want chat with you  :wink:

I don't remember that I promies you a dedicated server.. But I remember that I will get a shell for you!!... but time past.. have been a LONG LONG time ago now.... I almost forgot everything about IRCD.. and NOw I'm back.. not much to take and give hehe..

Well.. your server ( they banned me because of some stupid reason! ahaha.. My friend and I just start a server name join there if you have time.. cause I cannot connect to you  server!!


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