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Services not connecting


[Nov 15 00:27:43 2005] IRC Services 5.0.55 starting up
[Nov 15 00:28:16 2005] unknown message from server (ERROR :Closing Link: 0.0.0.$.0.0.0 (NO N line))
[Nov 15 00:28:16 2005] Read error from server: Connection reset by peer

in ircservices.conf it says ..
RemoteServer 6667 "nonono"

in ircd.conf it says..

What's wrong?

In the IRC server as an ircop i get this message.. *** Realops-Notice -- Link [(+)[email protected]] dropped, no N: line

Resolved on IRC.

Services name was incorrect. Also changed the C/N lines to not have port number and the correct services name.

Can i get clarificaiton here?

Trying to get anope to connect to Ultimate 3.0.1 here and i'm getting "connection refused" or "No N Line" here.

Can put up pastebin's of the conf files (with the passwords hashed of course)

I doubt you'll receive any update from a one post user asking questions 2 1/2 years ago.

However your errors stem from the following:
connection refused: Connecting to the wrong port/ip or the server isn't running
No N line: Either the server name is incorrect in the C/N lines or services are connecting from a different IP than you are expecting. Oper up on the server services are to connect to and pay attention to the routing messages for more information on which one is incorrect.


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