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I am using uIRCD 2.8.2 and Epona 1.4.11.
I hate anyone type a URL (eg: www.something.com) in the server (pubmsg, privmsg, notice, etc ..). Is there anyway to prevent this.


Most people will run bots, scripts or the likes to deal with it in channels. Currently there is no way of dealing with this in a better way short of having the IRCd scan each and every message that passes trough it for a predetermined set of words. Something which would be very CPU extensive, especially on networks with a few hundred users.

send me an email I'll give u 2 files. In these files u can block watever u want such as http:// www, /server, s e r v r or using colour adv. It works only on version 2.8.2.
I'm using and it's working great.

Thank you for your supporting. my email is: [email protected]
You can join our server at: irc.songque.com port 23, 6667 or 7000.


Dear J2k,
Thanks for your supporting :P
Would you please send me that code to my email: [email protected]
Thank you alot.
Best regards. :oops:


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