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Ultimate 2.8.8 win32
« on: February 26, 2005, 05:01:50 pm »
This release has not yet been fully tested, so if you encounter any problems, please post them.

[URL Removed]
MD5 sum: ae746cb36ea8d0514dec199e54e38246

This package comes with a binary, some configuration files, the source code and the necessary documentation.

Compile instructions
First, you need Microsoft Visual C++ installed, I am using version 6.0, I'm not sure if it works just as well on other versions, so feedback is appreciated if you are using a different version or a different compiler. The binary included in the zip is built using the "Win32 Release" configuration. The release configuration uses some optimalizations and does not compile with debugging symbols. This is recommended if you want to use the binary to run a IRC server. If you want to debug the code, the "Win32 Debug" configuration should be used. It does not contain any optimalizations and compiles with debugging symbols.

You can tweak include/settings.h to your liking, but it's not recommended to touch include/setup.h.

There are two ways to compile:
Using the VC++ IDE
Simply open the ircd.dsw file, select the configuration you want to use (Build -> Set active configuration) and compile (F7).

Using the commandline
Change to the directory you extracted the win32 package in and run
nmake /f ircd.mak
To specify which configuration you want to use, you can append the CFG="" option. For example:
nmake /f ircd.mak CFG="ircd - Win32 Release"
will build using the "Win32 Release" configuration. By default, the "Win32 Debug" configuration will be used.

Note that the binary is created in the Debug/ and Release/ directories, make sure you copy it from there.

Things planned for later
These points are low priority but will most likely be added later, perhaps in a new version of the 2.8.x series.
  • Run the IRCd as NT Service
  • Decent exception (crash) handling
  • Run the IRCd in the background (with a little Unreal-like GUI perhaps)
  • Oper/link password encryption
Well I hope you'll all enjoy this release, if you have any more questions or problems, feel free to ask (in a new thread please) :)
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