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Network routing error


From time to time I receive routing error messages similar to these:

-lust.purplesurge.com- *** Routing -- from bahamas.purplesurge.com: No response from violaceous.purplesurge.com[[email protected]], closing link

From what I understand, "no response" means one server is no longer able to communite with another in the network by pinging, so the two servers delink. Although my server clock is off a minute or two, one of your reps in #ShadowRealm told me that system time is -not- a culprit of these mysterious "no response" error messages.

What are some possible causes (beyond the fact that one server cannot communicate with another) for "No response from..." routing errors? I'm looking for what is causing it and how to avoid these delinks. Could it have anything to do with my datacenter's network?


(Sorry, I just realized this should be on the UltimateIRCd 3.0 Support forum.)

when this happens try ssh to both boxes and traceroute.

linux syntax: traceroute violaceous.purplesurge.com
win32 syntax: tracert violaceous.purplesurge.com

And keep servers in time sync. Its important. NTP client is a MUST on all servers you link.


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