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Really need help...


I want to start an IRC server for my web site on my dedicated server (one site) and I have some really specific needs... I've googled my brains out, looked at source forge, and just about every where... I really do hope this IRC server has what im looking for...

Currently I'm running a non-profit web site for a kids online game. What I need to do with my IRC server, once it's setup, is:

1) Disable private messaging (maybe not for channel op?)
2) Disable the ability for users to create channels, or join channels that arnt created by me
3) Authenticate nick names through a php file so I can plug it into my Invision Power Board member database (not critical, but prefered)
4) Needs to be linux based (since my server is running linux)
5) Be able to export in-chat users to a php file (not critical, but prefered)

And I really hate to be picky, but with a site for kids, you just have to worry about the saftey issue.

And what's worse is I have NO clue how to install programs on a linux server. I really shouldnt be touching linux with a 10 foot pole (im more familar with windows, then mac os), but when it comes to a server you just have to go with what's recommended.... And I'm getting a vibe from my host that they arnt going to be very helpful with this, although we'll see how that goes.

The last thing I need is a good fast (decent looking), maybe customizable, irc client. The online game is launched from an active x flash/shockwave thing anyway, so I figure if the users can play the game they'll be able to use my chat client if I go with that technology. (and I know most of them are in java, and if I cant find any in flash, i might have to go with java anyway). Would be nice if I could customize the look of it around my site...

Thanks in advance!

You'll definately need knowledge of linux and C programming to get all this done im afraid :/

1) code change
2) little code change in channel.c, some IRCd's have this as an option
3) there is a anope module which syncronizes the users from IPB to nickserv. This would be very usefull for you. It doesn't AUTH from IPB, but I think you have to specify really what you want.
4) no problem
5) this can be done using an eggdrop very nicely. As I recall the code is called whoschatting.tcl. It exports users to a txt file. This file is easy reable for any board. vbulletin has a standard hack for this purpose. I'm not sure if IBF has the same.

The most used IRC client is mIRC (www.mirc.com). It has the most powerfull scripting language, which is why most use it. Its not graphically something nice looking. But remember that IRC is text and colors only. No graphics or funny fonts are supported.

For website implementation you need to use JAVA or CGI:IRC, CGI:IRC uses your website for accessing the IRC server. This means that the users only need to have port 80 connection. JAVA runs on the client itself, so the user connects himself to the IRC server. This can be important as some users might not be able to connect to IRC ports because a firewall is restrinting them to do it. Not very likely though as we're talking about a gaming site :)

sooo.... coding skills are needed for sure :s

erich summed it up pretty well.

You will need someone with C knowledge and somewhat familiar with the general workings of IRC.

1 and 2 are fairly easy in terms of code changes to the IRCd.

3 is really the only complex part (not really) and would most likely best be done with Services or a third party services like server.

5 Can be covered by serveral different means. Options range from modifying the IRCd to do the logging, using eggdrop or another bot program or maybe using Neostats with its logserv plugin or a custom module.

As for chat, i dont know any flash based ones, but i do know about a very good Java based one.

In terms of apperance it can be easilly customized, and its also open source so you could modify it to your hearts content if theres something you find you cant do without source modification.


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