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Title: IPv6
Post by: phaseburn on January 03, 2002, 09:09:00 pm
Is anybody working on IPv6 support for the ircd? I'm running IPv6 on my internal network and connected to the 6bone... I noticed you've also borrowed code from Sean Kelly and Cyclone IRCd... they also have this feature, possibly if you were looking to port it... I'm not a coder, or I'd do it myself... wish I was...

Title: IPv6
Post by: ShadowMaster on January 03, 2002, 10:49:00 pm
IPv6 support is not in the works for 2.8.x nor the experimental 3.0.0 series.

However the next generation UltimateIRCd will have IPv6 support as its based on the hybrid7

I have not reviewed much of Cyclones code and do not know if the IPv6 support in Cyclone could be ported without effort.

As ive got little ability to test IPv6 functionality nor the required knowledge about IPv6, i will not be able to add IPv6 to the 2.8.x series. However if anyone is interested in undertaking such a project, they are more than welcome to.
Title: IPv6
Post by: phaseburn on January 03, 2002, 11:11:00 pm
I'd be willing to test any such ports/patches, however as I stated in my prior posting, I lack the skills and coding ability to undertake a project like this...

If it's in the schedule for :badword:ure versions based on 7, I can wait... it's not THAT big of a problem (we're using an IPv6 gateway now that works in the interim, but all IRC users comming through the gateway get the gateway's IP rather than their own... just a minor inconvienence)