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Possible addition of a simple raw :)


possibly adding a raw to display just the ip and one to display just the real host of a user? I know we been over this before, the /userhost seems to work ok for what I am doing..... but if the hostname doesnt resolve it reverts to ip ip format instead of returning an host unresolved response.  Also is there anything that can speed up this process? I can only lookup 15-20 at a time without sacrificing accuracy.

also is there some way of tracking nickchanges? I would like to track nickchanges network wide :)
we have debated uline'n the script to get this info but possibly an easier way? The script would be ultimate if it could track nickchanges with ip/hostname of the users. lol

Just thought I'd ask again :)

For /userhost or /userip i would reccomend doing as simple check on the returned value. If the value contains no characters (only dots and numbers) you know its an unresolveable host.
As for the speed im not 100% sure what you mean. If you mean that the server starts slowing down in processing your commands, thats because your input is being throtteled. This can be worked around with some code modification (theres a patch somewhere on the forums but im too tired to go hunting right now)

As for the nick change tracking, its currently not possible in the IRCd, although its fairly trivial to add.
There is also the option of third party tools. If memory serves both Anope and Neostats have modules that will track nickchanges to a monitoring channel.

well if you see it I would like to check in to it..... your always tired, tell me somfin I dunno :)


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