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This post should prolly have been posted in a bug forum, but I couldn't find that so I hope it's ok to post it here.

Well, I posted a long while ago a problem that seem to not work with UltimateIRCd 3.0.1. This is when I have someone on notify, it never shows up how long they have been online. I'll set up an example below for myself:

* Alex is on IRC (00:00)

So as you see, it stays on (00:00) even if I have been online as I have now (61:46).

Ok, I have tried different IRCd's and they work all as they should for the above, and I also use Anope-1.7.14, the latest release. So I can't understand, that it must be a small bug in UIRCd3.0.1 itself, since it works as it should on all other IRCd's.

I was told that it possible could be a problem with my services, but it's not, so I hope the development group can take a look into this and fix it.

Thanks in advance.

I got the same issue with idletime. But I never checked what causes it.

Ty erich for your reply. Then it seems the developement team has to work out this issue, since it is in UIRCd 3.0.1 itself, and not only me that discovered this issue.

Without knowing the client its hard to test. I will assume its mIRC, but to the best of my memory there is only one way to find out the time someone has been online, and that is to request a whois from the server someone is on. Notify is also a client side function, not an IRCd function.

I dont know if i will be able to find the time to look into this before my US trip is over, but i'll see. It'll help with some more information though.

Well for my own, I use mIRC v6.17, but it has been the same with all other previous mIRC versions I have used, so I have problems to believe it's the mIRC client, since as I mentioned in my previous post it work on UnrealIRCd 3.2.3 and 3.2.4, UltimateIRCd 2.8.x series, but just not on UltimateIRCd Tsunami 3.0.(01). I'm not sure ShadowMaster if this is the information you need?


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