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« on: December 04, 2001, 08:44:00 am »
Hello there,

We use SSL and as well as regular servers.  

The problem:

The problem is simple.  We users that want privacy and make sure that their connections are not intercepted (even with ssl. it can be.. but would be useless for the person who does it).  We use stunnel to make the tunnel on a separate port to connect to localhost on port 6667.  Each user that connects to this port shows the IP of the IRC server and NOT their IP as it should.

Another thing.  I think it would be very good.. if there was a build in SSL for server conections and SSL port for regular connections.  We use both regular ports and ssl ports. We have a problem when we ban a user, we are banning EVERYBODY from that host.  

This is a request as well as problem heh.. looking for a solution :smile:

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« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2001, 06:40:00 pm »
I have yet to date found a SSL implementation in any IRCd which crypto pro's have not laughed at. Until i do it will not be a feature in UltimateIRCd.

However from what ive heard so far, Hybrid 7 which is the current development base for UltimateIRCd (devel) will be featuring a brand new SSL server <-> server system. It should be an easy match to also make such a system work for client <-> server. This is in the :badword:ure however. Id rather have a safe SSL system than one which wrongly tricks clients into thinking they are sending data over a safe link.
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